multiple intelligences diagram



The theory of multiple intelligences was proposed by Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner. He believes that people do not have just an intellectual capacity, but have many kinds of intelligences as reflected in the multiple intelligences diagram.

Many educators today utilise multiple intelligences in their curriculum by intergrating Gardner’s theory into thinking, learning and playing.

Kiztopia carefully designs its play areas to help develop and discover your childs’ unique strengths.


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We offer two sessions, 1000 to 1300 hours and 1330 to 1630 hours from Monday to Friday. Extended play time or learning elements can be arranged for a small fee.

You should fill up the necessary fields provided under the Learn Page > Book School Visit Now or you may send an email to

A quotation will be sent to you for endorsement and confirmation.

It is advised to endorse the quotation and pay a 50% deposit about 2 months in advance to secure the booking.

We accept cheque, bank transfer and PayNow options for the deposit.

You are required to pay the remaining balance on the day of the visit.

No outside food is allowed as guests can purchase food at our 100-seater restaurant, Bell’s Pantry. Free snack and drinks are provided for all children during school visits.

Kiztopia offers a range of school programmes that complement the school curriculum. We will try to customise our programmes according to the themes of your school when required.


School Learning Journeys

Fancy a field trip to Kiztopia to learn about the daily operations? Get to discover how the 20 over facilities function, how the team manages visitors within the park, how our kitchen feed the 100-seater capacity at our restaurant, and more!

Simply book the 3-hour Kiztopia visit and participate in the learning journey conducted by our artists, musicians, chefs or sports instructors.

Preschool & Kindergarten Visits

Kiztopia believes in nurturing early learners through purposeful play.

We endorse the NEL (Nurturing Early Learners) Framework by providing a safe and spacious “Learn through Play” environment for preschools
and kindergartens.

The 3-hour interactive activities are specially designed for children to acquire knowledge, skills and dispositions through six learning areas:

  • Aesthetic and Creative Expression
  • Discovery of the World,
  • Language and Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Numeracy
  • Social and Emotional Development.

School Holiday Bootcamp

School’s out, fun’s in! We have lined up a series of full day boot camp activities with lunch, exciting programme at a nominal fee.

Award-winning courses from Neuro Gym, Robotics, Animation, Junior Chef, Art Jam, Music & Dance workshops will keep your children occupied during the term breaks.

Stay tuned to what we have to offer in the upcoming school holidays.

Kiztopia @ Schools

Invite Kiztopia Friends to your school’s open house or weekly assembly programme to deliver a range of themes such as Cyber Wellness, Conservation, Road Safety, Reduction of Food Waste and other interesting topics.

We can maximise impact by customising the message to engage your target audience with Kiztopia’s 11 different mascot characters.

Special Events and Private Bookings

Book our venue to organise an unforgettable event for your family, school or organisation. Email us at today!

Exciting family and corporate bonding events coming your way include the monthly birthday celebrations of Kiztopia characters, Parent & Child Overnight Camp, Breakfast@Kiztopia, Team Building Activities, Hunger Games, Amazing Race, Staff Retreat, Game of Thrones and many more.

Club Kiztopian™

Good news to all young parents!

Club Kiztopian™ offers daily doses of fun enrichment activities to promote multiple intelligences at our training facilities for your little ones. From Rhythmic Gymnastics classes, Speech & Drama, Junior Scientist, Music & Movement, Budding Artists, Phonics & Reading, Abacus, Yoga for Kids & Mum, Chinese Performance & Visual Arts, Left & Right Brain Development, just to name a few.

Stay tuned for more updates!